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From winners of multiple honors from parents and educators, here are 3 assemblies that will keep your students flying high! 
Available in English o en español.

GO WILD ... PreK to 2nd grade  ... Music, Science, Fitness
Learning about wildlife through music and movement. Birdie’s catchy  songs will get  children off their seats and moving  like animals. With lyrics about the lives and challenges of wild animals, children learn scientific facts in a fun, interactive way.  The shake your tail feathers dance not only refines motor skills, but teaches good listening skills. "Running Far" not only gets kids moving like Cheetahs, but they learn how to find their passion while learning what makes Cheetahs so fast, and how they protect themselves. In addition to lessons like these, students are also exposed to the sounds and rhythms of a range of tropical Latin music including salsa, cha cha, cumbia and samba.

DON'T GIVE UP  ... K to 5th grade ... Music, Character, Diversity
Children will be empowered to face life's challenges through music and stories. Songs like the Egyptian Gerbil hero’s “Furry Belly Dance” will not only make kids laugh, but will give them the motivation they need to pursue their dreams- even in the face of tough odds.   “I’m a Toucan” will help when something or someone is bothering them:  “Take a breath, figure out what to do. You will find the words to use when you trust yourself and stay true.” Tolerance and respect for others is key in songs like “Chimpanzees Are Like You And Me.” And Birdie relates all of these messages through super-fun singing, movement and stories from her own life experiences (she sang backup for Ray Charles and traveled Latin America with Spain's Raphael).  Children are also exposed to the sounds and rhythms of a range of tropical Latin music including salsa, cha cha, cumbia and samba.

RITMO LATINO ... 2nd to 5th   grade ...   Music, Multi-culturalism, Fitness
Music and dancing from South of the border! Birdie sings and plays a sampling of Latin American music including Mexican Mariachi, Afro-cuban styles such as salsa and cha cha, Colombia’s cumbia, Argentine tango, indigineous Andean music and other regional influences such as Jamaican reggae and Brazilian samba.  Clapping beats  and call and response singing are a big part of the fun.  ¡Eso!   Birdie also demonstrates and teaches children how to do a few Latin American dances such as salsa and cha-cha to her own music, as well as the classic Mexican hat dance and the Macarena, Ay!  Respect for and exposure to other cultures not only promotes tolerance, acceptance and diversity, but prepares children to be leaders in an increasingly global world.

I've been teaching here for 5 years and this was the best show we've ever had!

-- Michelle Deloitte | St. James Preschool | Los Angeles, CA

The best show in ages!
-- Rhea, 2nd grade | Buena Park Library | Buena Park, CA

Parents are telling us that their children loved their time with you.
-- Meganne Yeoman | Berkeley Hall School | Los Angeles CA

Birdie had them dancing in the aisles!
-- Mara Alpert| Los Angeles Public Library


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Birdie is also available for workshops and teacher development presentations

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